Scholarship Support

First-generation students are more likely than their peers to come from lower-earning households. Despite the significant need, a high percentage of FIU students receive only partial financial aid, and many students eligible for First Generation Scholarships remain unfunded.

In 2021-22, donor investment and state-matched funds supported 889 students, while 7,444 students (88%) did not receive funding. Receiving an award is elusive for many FIU students, as the demand for funds exceeds FIU’s aid budget.

Increased Scholarship and Program Financial Aid is Critical 

Economically disadvantaged students at FIU have a great need for scholarship support. Increased scholarship and program financial aid is critical to ensure that all deserving students receive the assistance needed to:

  • Enroll
  • Succeed
  • Graduate

Scholarship Students Can Devote More Time to Their Studies

Because FIU is an urban, public university, many FIU students come from families of modest means, and most have to work while they pursue their studies.

Scholarship Assistance Enables Many Students to:

  • Attend college who might not otherwise be able to do so.
  • Devote more time to their studies, thus completing an undergraduate degree much faster.

Approximately 90% of FIU Undergraduate Students are Minorities

Embracing the diversity of the region, and given the fact that 95.5% of First Generation Scholarship recipients hail from minority groups; support for the program is a unique opportunity to effect transformational change in the lives of the region's underserved, multicultural students.

Investing in FIU’s First Generation Scholarship Program not only benefits the students, but the greater Miami community, as well.


Support First-Generation Scholarships

By supporting our students, you will become a donor and a visionary. Join us in making FIU a beacon of hope committed to propelling our deserving first-generation students to their next horizon.